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Dr. Chon K. Tsai

 Dr Chon K. Tsai

After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Enginiering fir MIT in 1985, Dr. Tsai joined Westinhouse Electric Corp. where he focused his efforts in developing the state-of-the art nuclear reactor safety analysis methodology. He later led a team applying this technology to multinantional nuclear plants. During his 11 year tenure with Westinhouse, Dr. Tsai also served as a United Nations Development Program Consultanst and conducted nuclear technology exchange workshops in China.

From 1997 to 2003, Dr Tsai worked at Alcoa/CSI, a subsidiary of Alcoa Inc., with various responsabilities including General Manager of China Operations and Technology Director of Asia Pacific Region. In 2003, he joined TriMas/Rieke and was responsible for establishing a manucfaturing plant and the general managemnet of busineses in China. In addition, he took responsabilities of global sourcing for the entire company. Dr Tsai was later promoted as the Managing Director of Asian Operations. In 2006, invited by IMI/Norgren, Dr Tsai joined the company as Managing Director in Greater China. In 2009, he was promoted as Managing Director of Asia Pacific. In 2010, when the company had a serious problem with its Severe Service Business Unit, Dr. Tsai was named directly by the Global CEO to revamp and rebuild this business in China. Whitin one year, Dr. Tsai re-organized the company and turned the business around and paved the road for continue growth. Since 2012, Dr Tsai joined Carmeltop as Partner and in Jan. 2014, Dr. Tsai was invited by FuDan University School of Management as Sr. Advisor.

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