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Livan Rodriguez.

My name is Dr. Livan Rodriguez. I was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba and came to the United States in search of a brighter future both personally and professionally 11 years ago. I became a U.S. citizen in 2003. I finished my medical school education and surgery residency program with academic excellence. I worked as a surgeon in one of the most prestigious hospitals in my state, Hospital Provincial, in the company of eminent physicians, exceptional faculty members, program directors, researchers and consultants. This experience was fundamental in my preparation as a medical doctor, giving me a solid foundation as a professional.

My work at Proyecto Salud Clinic started shortly after arriving in this country. When I first started I was a volunteer interpreter and clinic assistant. Today, I am a member of the Administrative Staff and serve as the Clinic Manager for both locations, at Wheaton and in Olney. Some of my responsibilities include the coordination of the daily clinics, management of patient care and staff and contact with area hospitals, charity programs and private physicians' offices. My work at the clinic has given me the privilege to be associated and work with distinguished physicians from multiple disciplines which include Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Surgery. It is the daily experience at this clinic that has provided me with the opportunity to discover the many facets of medicine as a discipline. I am now embracing medicine as more than a surgeon. During my years at the clinic, I have received awards for excellence in work, positive attitude and cooperation and for my outstanding dedication and service to the clinic, the staff and the community.

I am honored to be given the opportunity to extend my medical career here in the United States. This is an opportunity to grow as a person and a physician. Today, I am an ECFMG certified foreign medical doctor in pursuit of a residency program. Undoubtedly, my journey as a foreign medical doctor continues. I am confident in my ability to communicate across cultures and in our society today, where migration and traveling are prevalent, this is essential to being a successful physician. My enthusiasm and eagerness to heal the sick remains as strong as it was when I first entered medical school. My commitment and passion for medicine as a profession continues to be my catalyst to becoming the best physician for my community.

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