Proyecto Salud Clinic seeks to provide high quality, culturally competent, and affordable primary healthcare services to its patients. English, Spanish, Mandarin and French are languages spoken by staff at the clinic. Amongst its clinical staff, Proyecto Salud Clinic has Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. In addition, a limited number of gynecology, internal medicine, gastroenterology and endocrinology services are provided in site. Referrals to other clinical specialties are facilitated via Catholic Social network and Project Access.

Patient Portal

The eClinicalWorks Patient Portal features a streamlined user interface for both patients and providers while providing extensive functionality. The web-based Patient Portal lets patients communicate securely with their physician over the Internet. Patients can view their Personal Health Record, view lab/imaging results, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, complete practice forms, and much more. Go to Patient Portal

Primary Adult Healthcare

Proyecto Salud Clinic offers clinical services to adults during regular and extended hours, including evenings and Saturday morning sessions. Clinical Adult Care is complemented with preventive activities such as flu vaccination, nutritional education, pap smears, and referrals for mammograms and colonoscopies, amongst others.

Gynecology Clinic

Several GYN clinical sessions are scheduled per week on Women's Health; among the tests performed at the clinic are Pap smears and Pregnancy Tests.

Behavioral Health

In its effort to provide comprehensive clinical attention to its patients, Proyecto Salud established collaborative Behavioral Health work with the Montgomery Cares Program, Primary Care Coalition and Georgetown University. The main purpose of the Behavioral Health Program is to diagnose and treat patients with Anxiety Disorders and Depression. Individual psychotherapy and medications are available to the patients.

Health Education

Due to the growing number of patients suffering from chronic conditions, Proyecto Salud established an education program based on health promotion and prevention. The education component includes the Diabetes school. Diabetic patients’ clinical visits are complemented with health education on self-management of the disease, which includes an adequate diet, regular physical activity and daily control of glucose levels. At the Diabetes School the patients also learn how to check their blood glucose levels at home. Glucometers are provided free of charge to each diabetic patient.

Laboratory Services

Every morning laboratory sessions are scheduled at the clinic, when various types of blood and urine tests, are conducted at affordable prices. Patients are notified when their lab results are within normal limits; however, when lab results are not within the normal limits, patients are contacted for new clinical appointments to initiate or adjustment of treatment.


The Montgomery Cares Program has made available a limited number of medications to the patients. In addition, the clinic has a modest list of medications that are provided to the patients.



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