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Letter to Donors

Dear Friend of Proyecto Salud Clinic:

“Anita, have cancer...” Can you imagine the flood of emotions she had after hearing those words? Then picture what steps you would take after being told you needed six sessions of chemotherapy and radiation costing about $1,200 each—knowing you have no health insurance.

Several months later, Anita, a Montgomery County resident, simply said, Proyecto Salud changed my life! I am living proof that community health clinics save the lives of patients without health insurance.”

My staff and I found help for Anita through our referral specialty care system—which was able to provide affordable treatment. Today, she is in good health and continues to receive follow up care at the Proyecto Salud Clinic.

Anita’s story is one of many stories we have heard at the clinic. The cost of basic health care has become unaffordable to many Americans. Since we opened our doors in 1998, we’ve helped ease that burden for many households in Montgomery County that otherwise would have no accessible source of health care beyond hospital emergency rooms.

So, why am I so concerned if we are doing so well serving the Montgomery County community? It’s very simple—the demand for our services continues to increase while our budget shrinks. Every year, we serve close to 5,000 patients as a county-funded member clinic of Montgomery Cares.

If you are like me, you are not one to stand by while families and children are in need. Now is the time to help. Our teams of family physicians, nurse practitioners, cardiologists, gynecologists, and a few other specialists, work hard to support patients who speak English, Spanish,Mandarin and French, and have very few options available when they are ill. Your gift will help us to continue providing this care.

As 2019 comes to a close, and you consider how you will direct your end-of-year charitable giving, please consider how much more you can do to help local families by sending a special tax-deductible gift to the Proyecto Salud Clinic.

Your gift will make a true difference to the medically underserved in Montgomery County.



Dr. Cesar Palacios

PS: It’s hard to believe that this is the 21th anniversary of Proyecto Salud’s dedicated service to the care of families that lack health insurance. What may seem like a small gift to you can really impact the number of families we are able to serve in 2020. Without your help women like Anita, who are diagnosed with potentially fatal diseases like cancer, don’t stand a chance. Will you consider a special tax-deductible year-end gift of $50 or more?



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